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What is Flagpost?

Flagpost offers Kiwis a place to reimagine the New Zealand flag, on their own terms, with their own voice. Your ideas and opinions matter. Through Flagpost you will help to find out what New Zealanders value and how that is best represented—after all, a flag should be for everyone. Flagpost is an interactive tool where you can explore through the flag submissions, then you can participate in the process of finding the best. Use tags to say what the flags mean to you, contribute feedback, post new ideas and vote for your preferred designs.

Why are we doing this?

This is a conversation about everyone and we believe that everyone should be a part of it. However, the shortlisted flag designs for the first referendum are being selected by a 12-person panel—a hiccup in democratic process. Despite the process being well-intentioned, we believe New Zealand’s voices should be the driving force behind the selection process. This is where Flagpost comes in.

What is missing is meaningful input from the public around the representation of what they value through flag design. Flagpost addresses this by enabling insights into what New Zealanders want represented in a flag, and how best to do that.

While Flagpost isn’t advocating the changing of the New Zealand flag, it is advocating informed decisions, empowering the voice of New Zealanders, and promoting impactful engagement with the flag consideration process.

These are the top graphical elements that users have tagged the flags with. If your tag is popular, it will be displayed here. These are the meanings that most users have associated with each flag.