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About us

Flagpost is an offering of Design & Democracy, a research unit established within Massey University’s College of Creative Arts and made in collaboration with Springload.

Thomas Le Bas

Project Lead and Designer

Thomas is a Master of Design candidate at Massey University; Flagpost is part of his Masters. He is an award­winning designer who has worked on a broad range of design projects across New Zealand and Europe. Through this project he aims to explore and advance the possibilities of citizen­centered design in the determination of collective identity.


Design & Democracy

Design & Democracy is a research unit established within Massey University’s College of Creative Arts with a track­record of enhancing the role that design and design thinking has to play in 21st century citizenship. The team is built around a core group of researchers, advisors and mentors from the University. They work in partnership with industry, government, and the social sector to harness the technology that has made it easier than ever to access information, connect, build networks and communicate ideas, in order to re-engage citizens with the political process.



Flagpost is a collaboration with Springload, a pioneering New Zealand web design and user experience agency.



A huge thank you to Karl Kane, Tim Parkin, Claire Robinson, the rest of the Design & Democracy team, the great folks at Springload, as well as to the many other people who have helped out along the way. Tēnā koutou.

Have some feedback or want to know more?

Send us feedback

You can flick us an email at feedback@flagpost.nz, tweet us at @flagpostnz, Facebook us, or even visit designdemocracy.ac.nz for more info about us.

You can also contact the team directly

Thomas Le Bas t.j.lebas@massey.ac.nz
Karl Kane k.kane@massey.ac.nz

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