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A place for us to reimagine our flag, together

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WaiotemaramaFalls commented on NZ Flag

Red and blue: what a giveaway for same old stuff. This flag is by someone wh...

Stars and Ferns - 1 was tagged with:


Rankin Kemp-baker commented on Red Peak

It looks like someone couldn't choose between red, blue and black & just deci...

The Fern (option C) was tagged with:


Martin commented on Red Peak

New Zealand.

The New Zealand Ensign by Albert Hastings Markham

Koru 03 was tagged with:


Robert Huisman commented on Silver Fern Flag – Kyle Lockwood’s 'New Zealand ...

At the end of the last Commonwealth Games I posted your red white and blue fl...

jockmoron commented on Cultural Koru with Southern Cross

It's ok but the Southern Cross is unnecessary, the stars are too small for th...

Horizon - Day was tagged with:


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